Check-in: 8:00AM
Presentation: 8:30AM – 10:30AM
Date: Thursday, March 14
Cost: $50 (free for current Hopkins & Carley clients)
Location: The Fairmont San Jose Hotel (170 S. Market St., San Jose, CA 95113)
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Because the hiring and onboarding process is the point in time when the employer defines its legal relationship with a new employee, it is critical that the process is managed well.  Employers must be careful about what information they obtain and use in the interview and hiring process.  

In addition, employers should proactively take steps to protect their own proprietary information as well as prevent new hires from bringing proprietary information from their prior employer into the workplace. Recently, non-solicitation clauses have become very popular and many employees and employers do not fully understand the risks surrounding non-solicitation clauses.

This seminar will address:

  • Permissible questions in the application and interview process
  • Background and references checks—compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Review of important documents for all new employees
  • How to manage the hiring process so that your new employees do not violate obligations to prior employers
  • Understanding the risk around non-solicitation obligations and how to mitigate that risk
  • How to implement restrictive covenants that protect your company