Trademark & Copyright

Our Trademark & Copyright team works closely with our clients to identify, develop and understand the value of information and content in their products and services, their brand management and marketing strategies, and to create and implement programs designed to successfully assert and protect their commercial identities.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our clients cover a wide spectrum of goods and services in commerce, ranging from silicon chips to snack chips and from raw materials to finished products, serving specialized niche markets to global mass consumer markets.  Protecting the diverse universe of client intangible assets often requires a multi-pronged approach using a combination of trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and other legal theories of intellectual property protection, knowledge of the industry and client, and a keen understanding of related business models and technological strategies.

Our attorneys approach these challenges with a focus on client business objectives and commercial practicality.


We provide a full spectrum of trademark services from search and clearance, to registration and enforcement, in the United States and foreign markets.   Our trademark services include:

  • Trademark rights and commercial identity enforcement
  • Trademark litigation
  • Trademark, business name, and domain name searches and clearance
  • Trademark and brand strategy
  • Trademark and service mark registration and administrative proceedings
    • United States Patent & Trademark Office registration and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings
    • State registrations and state law enforcement
    • International registrations and proceedings
  • Trademark use and maintenance
    • Preparation of use guidelines and internal training
    • Watch services, Customs registration, and portfolio management
    • Registration maintenance filings and renewals
  • Trademark licensing, assignment, sales, collateralization
  • Franchises


Our copyright advisory services include:

  • Copyright infringement litigation
  • Web policing, take-down notifications and enforcement
  • Registration, supplemental registrations, renewals
  • Authorship and rights agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignment and collateralization
  • Use guidelines and training
  • For a large global fruit products producer, registered its portfolio of trademarks, product trade dress, and graphic designs and illustrations globally.
  • Represented a cloud-based price comparison service in multiple trademark related matters, including establishing a strategy for global protection of its key trademark, registering and implementing its brand strategy, and clearing and protecting its marks in multi-country proceedings.
  • Represented numerous wineries in connection with selection, clearance and registration of house brand and product marks, and label protection in the United States and internationally.
  • Represented a global consumer electronics company in the registration of its brand marks in major international markets and developing markets and in the selection and clearance of product marks for registration and use; also served as advisory counsel in various proceedings in foreign jurisdictions to protect and enforce its rights.
  • For a software developer and online platform and data company, created strategies to protect developed content and software using a collage of legal protection, and to register product marks for its various products and services in distinct lines of business and differentiated sales channels.
  • Obtained trademark and copyright registrations for sound and motion marks, video, text and graphics used in a variety of innovative public service spots on multiple media platforms for a nationally-recognized and award-winning nonprofit organization.
  • Registered a famous structure as an architectural trademark.

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