On-Demand Webinar: How to Reopen & Operate Your Restaurant Post-COVID

On-Demand Webcast
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As restaurants open post-COVID there are many challenges and issues these businesses face. Please join us for this webinar as our legal experts discuss some of the most critical ones and how to successfully confront and prepare for them. Topics include:

  • Employment Issues
    • Social distancing protocols for employees and customers
    • COVID-19 testing
    • Quick reminder regarding COVID-19 sick leave and accommodations for employees unable to return to work
  • Lease Issues
    • Alteration Clauses - when landlord consent is required, complying with law and obtaining permits, creating outdoor dining spaces in common areas (risk of path of travel ADA work)
    • Continuous Operation or Required Operating Hours Clauses - risk of default affecting tenant's rights under lease such as options to extend and exclusive use rights, and risk of triggering other tenants' co-tenancy abatement or termination rights
    • Compliance with Laws Clause - compliance with ever-changing requirements, what is law versus guidance, landlord's obligation to comply vis a vis common areas
  • Paycheck Protection Program
    • Understanding the differences in the Paycheck Protection Program as a result of the PPP Flexibility Act
    • Planning opportunities for food/beverage industry
  • Licenses and compliance with CDC protocols

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