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Employment Law

When confronting the HR issues that arise in the ordinary course of business, most employers are left asking very practical questions, such as “What should I do?” or, “How do I do it?”

Rather than merely reciting arcane laws or telling clients what they can’t do, our Professionals provide practical, real-world answers and advice that clients can use and understand.  In short, we help solve their problems. 

We regularly work with a wide variety of clients—both public and private, large and small, union and non-union—on issues such as:

When litigation arises, our clients benefit not only from our deep knowledge of employment law, but also from our extensive experience in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels.

Our Approach
Because our employment lawyers all have extensive experience in the field (none have practiced for less than five years), clients don’t pay for us to learn as we go.  Our focus and experience allows us to get to the heart of a matter quickly, to provide answers in real time, and to enable clients to avoid the pitfalls that result in costly and time-consuming litigation.

While we seek to help clients avoid litigation whenever possible, we are ready to prosecute or defend lawsuits when disputes are unavoidable.  In such situations, we first work with clients to determine appropriate objectives, then formulate a litigation strategy and work diligently and creatively to achieve the client’s goals.

Client Successes

Our Team
Employers value our interest in learning their individual needs and goals, and also appreciate having access to a team of Professionals with extensive experience in dealing with the issues they confront.  As a result, clients receive practical solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“There is a synergy between our experience as advisors and as litigators,” according to Dan Pyne, Co-Chair of the firm’s Employment Law group.  “Our clients benefit from having lawyers who know how a particular personnel decision might play out in court.”

Periodic Employment Law Advisory
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