New: Harassment & Discrimination Prevention On-Demand Webcast

In its continued effort to combat harassment in the workplace, the California Legislature has expanded employers’ obligations to provide anti-harassment training. Almost all employers will be required to comply with the new training requirements before the end of 2019. 

In order to assist employers seeking to comply with the existing two-hour sexual harassment training requirement for supervisors and the new one-hour training requirement for non-managers, Hopkins & Carley is providing on-demand webcasts that satisfy the training requirements. The webcasts focus on:

  • Recognizing discrimination and harassment
  • Understanding the law and applicable policy with respect to discrimination and harassment
  • Understanding the abusive conduct standard and what it means for supervisors, managers, and employees
  • Practical techniques that can be used to assist in preventing discrimination and harassment
  • How to respond properly to complaints of discrimination and harassment

Non-Managers: 1 hour
RSVP: Please click here to register
Cost: $35

Managers: 2 hours
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Cost: $75 

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