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Real Estate

Clients, including commercial property users, owners, developers, contractors, and lenders, seek our counsel for real property transactions, permitting, and litigation matters across a variety of industries, users, and needs, ranging from the ordinary to the most sophisticated, difficult, and complex issues.


Our transactional attorneys are highly experienced problem solvers and negotiators, as well as skillful drafters, noted for their ability to structure, document, negotiate, and close a full range of real estate transactions. They regularly assist commercial property users, owners, developers, lenders, and borrowers in nearly all commercial real estate matters involving land, office buildings, industrial and R&D buildings, retail centers, apartment projects, and cellular lease sites.

Land Use
Our Land Use attorneys understand local, state, and federal government agencies and how they work. We have extensive experience in all aspects of land use entitlements, CEQA, NEPA, state and federal species, wetlands, water and air quality regulations, and related litigation, representing developers large and small, as well as individual property owners. Our role is to add value through the efficiency, creativity, and correctness of land use entitlement campaigns, no matter how complex. We provide and implement land use approval strategies, advocate for clients through the approval process, and craft the multi-party agreements, municipal contracts and procedural solutions needed to attain our clients’ goals, defending them in litigation, if necessary.

Property Rights
Problems with Governments   Regulatory takings, extractions, condemnation, exactions and eminent domain are issues that property owners often face when local, state and federal governments exercise their powers to take and regulate property. Our attorneys, several who have either served in elected office or on regulatory bodies, have wide experience in dealing with governments that use and sometimes abuse their powers.  Utilizing attorneys from a variety of disciplines, Hopkins & Carley is able to understand all sides of property issues and are well prepared to assert and defend our clients’ property rights in permitting, processing, negotiation and litigation with government agencies.  Whether you are facing a low valuation in eminent domain or an unconstitutional taking, our property rights attorneys have the experience to protect your interests and constitutional rights.
    Disputes with Neighbors   Accessing your property and using your property may be restricted by easements, boundary disputes, CC&Rs, or deeds that limit your ability to develop your property or to make the best use of your property.  When those problems arise, you will need lawyers with lots of experience in resolving property disputes through negotiation and litigation.  Anytime you are protecting or asserting your rights to use your property, Hopkins & Carley's attorneys can draw upon many years of experience in such disputes to assist you.


Our construction attorneys advise clients on all aspects of construction law, including contract review, negotiation, drafting, and dispute resolution. We are experienced in all facets of public and private, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and high value residential projects. We regularly assist owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals and suppliers in all states of the project, and our experience covers all types of project delivery mechanisms. Whether the project is to construct a high value residence, commercial building, or complex industrial facility, our construction attorneys bring skill, experience, judgment, and efficiency to the table.

Our Real Estate litigators are skilled in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution. They are successful trial lawyers who have years of experience in both jury and non-jury trials and binding arbitration. Our Real Estate Litigation Team handles a wide range of complex real estate litigation matters, including acquisition, finance, development, construction, and land use. Our clients include property owners, real estate funds, investors, developers, lenders, brokers, and construction industry professionals. We represent clients in all aspects of complex real estate litigation, including:

While each real estate matter is different, we staff each one to maximize the efficiency and benefit to the client. Our Real Estate Team provides clients with flexible, creative, and pragmatic legal solutions. We aim to achieve timely representation which anticipates and addresses problems and opportunities early in the legal process.

Depth of Services
The members of the Real Estate Team understand the unique physical and economic structure of businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond. Our work in the high-tech sector is much sought after by high-tech tenants, real estate agents, and brokers. Members of our Team have substantial expertise in these and related services:

Client Successes
Our Real Estate Team’s dedication to our clients has resulted in countless projects brought to successful conclusions over the years. A few representative examples of these successes are below.

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