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Intellectual Property

Virtually every business has valuable intellectual property, whether they see it or not.  Many in the Bay Area and elsewhere—no matter what their size or business history—have sought the help of Hopkins & Carley’s IP Professionals.

These clients often come from the region’s storied tech sector, as well as more traditional businesses.  Despite their variety, they all like our tailored, value-added approach.  Whether in the middle-market, a start-up or major multinational, businesses appreciate lawyers who get the most out of a client’s time and dollars.

Lean, focused solutions
Getting great results at a great value often boils down to the way an IP transaction or dispute is staffed.  Your intellectual property gets the direct involvement of a Hopkins & Carley partner with experience and skills that match up exactly with what you need—a shareholder who is supported by experienced IP associates, paralegals and staff. 

Breadth and depth
Take a look at our summaries of client successes and you’ll see how our small, stable IP teams help identify, protect and exploit patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights—from the simple and basic to the most sophisticated, difficult and complex.  You’ll also appreciate how our focused experience obtains value from frequently overlooked intellectual property, including know-how, business processes, contract networks, and trade dress.

Here’s a list of the full range of intellectual property services we offer:

IP Litigation
Trade Secret
Trademark   Copyright Patent Licensing IP Sales and Transfers IP Audits and Due Diligence IP Asset Management
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